Copyright Registration in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Have you ever wondered how intellectual property rights work in the UAE? Let's delve into it!

The UAE does have a centralized copyright agency, the Ministry of Economy, responsible for overseeing all things copyright. They process copyright registrations, enforce copyright law, and promote awareness about copyright in the UAE. Now, you might be asking, is there a system for copyright registration? Indeed, there is!

You can apply for a copyright registration in the UAE through a relatively straightforward process. The application form needs to be filled out and submitted to the Ministry of Economy, along with a copy of the work to be copyrighted and the prescribed fee. The cost? AED 10,000 per application. But wait a second, is this mandatory? The answer is no. Copyright registration in the UAE is not compulsory. But then, why should you consider it? The benefits include creating an official record of your work and better protection in case of copyright infringement.


Let's explore the formalities. Is there a requirement for a copyright notice in the UAE? Yes, it's often recommended to use a copyright notice, but there's no legal consequence for failure to use one. It's just a good practice that helps deter potential infringers.

A more pressing question might be: Is there a requirement for copyright deposit? Here's the interesting part: the UAE doesn't specifically require a copyright deposit. However, as part of the copyright registration process, you'll need to submit a copy of your work to the Ministry of Economy. If you fail to register a copyrighted work, you might find it harder to prove ownership and take legal action against infringers.


Moving on to legislation, what laws govern copyright in the UAE? The primary legislation is Federal Law No. 7 of 2002, as amended by Federal Law No. 32 of 2006. And who's the big boss that enforces it? It's the Ministry of Economy, as we mentioned earlier.

Does the UAE have provisions addressing the digital exploitation of works? Yes, it does. The legislation provides protection for computer programs and databases, covering a wide range of digital and online works. What about foreign-owned or foreign-operated websites infringing copyright? The legislation also has extraterritorial applications to deal with these issues, providing some much-needed peace of mind to copyright owners.


Let's shift gears and talk about ownership. Typically, the creator of a work is the owner of its copyright. But here's a twist: an employer can own a copyrighted work made by an employee if it's created during the course of employment.

Similarly, a hiring party may own a copyrighted work made by an independent contractor if there's an agreement to this effect. And yes, a copyrighted work can be co-owned if more than one person contributes to its creation. Exciting, isn't it?

Rights can be transferred or licensed in the UAE, subject to certain rules and procedures. These usually involve a written agreement and may also require registration.

International Aspects

Heading towards international aspects, the UAE is a signatory to several international copyright conventions, including the Berne Convention and the WIPO Copyright Treaty. As a member, the UAE is obliged to provide adequate protection to copyright works originating from other member countries, fostering a spirit of international cooperation in the realm of intellectual property.

Lastly, let's gaze into the current copyright trends in the UAE. The country is continually strengthening its intellectual property laws to keep pace with the digital age. Recent developments include enhanced protection for digital content and stricter enforcement measures against online copyright infringement.

In conclusion, copyright in the UAE is a vibrant and evolving field, shaped by the interplay of national legislation, international

conventions, and contemporary digital trends. So, whether you're a creator, a copyright owner, or a curious observer, there's always something new to discover in the realm of UAE copyright!

There you have it: an insider's guide to copyright in the UAE! Now, the next time someone asks you about it, you can explain with confidence.