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Singapore Copyright Registration Lah

Got centralized copyright agency in Singapore meh? Not really leh. Singapore, right, automatic protection for copyright one. Means what? Means once you create something original and put in some form people can see or touch, confirm got copyright protection already. No need to go register here, register there. All these things handled by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), but their work more about policy making and teaching people about copyright, not so much about registration.

Got system for copyright registration or not? Also don't have leh. If got any problem, creator must prove they really own the work. Not necessary, but sometimes creators do some things to help prove they are the original, like keep drafts or ask someone witness their work. Since no need register, so no need to pay fees also.

In Singapore, no need to register for copyright one. Once create the work, already got protection. This automatic protection system make sure if never register also no problem.


In Singapore, no need to put copyright notice. But if put copyright notice, can prevent people from using your work without permission, because they know already got copyright. But if never put copyright notice, doesn't mean the work no copyright.

Also, no need to make copyright deposit in Singapore. So, if never make deposit, no problem one. Remember, no need to worry if never register copyright work, because got automatic protection.


In Singapore, got one law called Copyright Act (Cap 63), this one main copyright law. IPOS is the one enforcing. This law got include how to handle digital exploitation of works, like online piracy.

This law also can apply outside Singapore. Means what? Means if got website from other country infringe copyright, as long as connected to Singapore, this law can still apply.


Normally, the person who create the work is the owner of copyright. But if employee create the work as part of their job, the boss is the one who owns the copyright.

If the work is made by freelance, the freelance normally still own the copyright unless contract say otherwise.

If work is product of teamwork and cannot separate who do what, can co-own copyright.

Owner of copyright can transfer or license their copyright. But must put in writing and got signature from the person transferring the copyright.

International Aspects

Singapore join many international copyright conventions like Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the WIPO Copyright Treaty, and the TRIPS Agreement. These conventions make sure got minimum standard of protection and say each member country must give same treatment to authors from other member countries.

Recent years, Singapore improve a lot on how to protect intellectual property to keep up with digital world. One big trend is focus more on online copyright infringements and piracy. Singapore block many piracy websites to fight against copyright infringement, show that they very serious about protecting copyright in digital space.

Even though Singapore no need formal copyright registration, they still strong supporter for intellectual property rights, always updating laws to better protect creators in this fast-changing digital world.