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The Visual Arts

TV, Film,
and Screenplays

Copyright for your eyes. When we look at copyright in the visual domain, we see movies, television shows, photographs, sculptures, and artwork. We also see things that form the basis for such works, such as screenplays, teleplays, and blueprints. The hot issue here - trying to mix all of the above without infringing someone's copyright.

  • Specialized information for webmasters, musicians, moviemakers, screenwriters, porgrammers and photographers.
  • General copyright information for educators, students, web-surfers, re-mixers, mash-uppers and confused citizens.
Devil's Advocate

Sec devil f11fc9a411a3724280e04451efa31e002a9b38e2e67890b51e62ad76dab3207cSculptor sues The Devil's Advocate producers for background art.


Sec batman 305facb1d732f5a4ad8841baf5f1478aef8580da208b6321a0a8c07fc274239bSculptor sues Batman Forever producers for background art.

12 Monkeys

Sec monkeys b681aae44bb776b1c3fdd44b24d04d48a999fd43527ecf4288b4e22de8bb21f1Turning a drawing into a scene for a movie can cost big bucks.

Naked Gun

Sec nakedgun 5e6f33bb9a8c4cf8dd38b907d91879d2e94f6f9089d529a3e17ca94cdcf9a7f4Leslie Neilsen as a body double for Demi Moore torques Annie Leibovitz.


Sec thunderball 4f60c8caa6ec1e10a546649d90ef15e34ad0fac184c45b59017421a302c01120Sony makes a bold bid for the Bond franchise.

Indiana Jones

Sec raiders ef5485c06708cdb52343481a5be0cf8c6fc74b184ff6ce2138b6dad935139bcbWhy studios don't acknowledge unsolicited screenplays.


Sec arnold 79aea8207b56ad35f3d3e527870e6f4fe805a9d1576ba85657ae929fa302f5f7Cashing in on the lucrative Japanese commercial market without you knowing about it.


Sec reuters 919449fcdd4e6bf491b18df2b8b18c726dc5b2b60be7c8a7090c05f81aa10243Reuters grabs the goods from helicopter jockey in the L.A. maelstrom.